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The Rock Church staff has made the decision to move our congregation away from the use of The City. While it has some very positive aspects, most of our church attenders and members prefer to use Facebook or email, or both. The City is also very difficult from a staff perspective- the database and records functions are limited and clunky. The staff will be able to use our new database more efficiently and to a greater depth to help our church grow and flourish.
The new database will also cost a fraction of the monthly cost of The City.

We are in the process of launching our new online giving platform- check it out here. You'll have a month or so to get acclimated, and we'll be canceling our City membership at the end of January. 


First of all, this is not something new you have to sign up for.

This will affect some of you a little more than others.

We recognize that not many of you used The City for communication purposes, and we want to allow you to use common sources, such as Facebook. If you did use The City sometimes, we want to help redirect you:

    • If you currently post prayer requests on The City, you'll want to make sure and join our Facebook prayer group (this group is closed because of the sensitive topics, so you'll need to request to join). 
    • If you give online, you'll want to transition to our new Breeze platform
    • If you like getting The City emails with updates about what's going on, you'll want to make sure you're signed up for our weekly newsletter.
    • If you have kids that attend kids church or nursery classes, you'll be asked to check in a little differently beginning in January.
    • Finally, be sure to plug in to the right places on Facebook- join a group like our women's group or follow our Rock Church page.

    Questions? Please feel free to reach out! 314-968-0600 or